Beginner Obedience Classes
The classes will meet at the Boonsboro Ruritan Club building at 1499
Coffee Road, Lynchburg, VA on Tuesday nights.   The training is
indoors (heat or air conditioning).  

NOTE:  The Winter & Spring Training sessions hve been
cancelled. We hope to resume classes in the
FALL 2021.
OPTION  #1  STAR Puppy Class  

S.T.A.R. Puppy Class for puppies 4 months to 1 year old.
Class size is limited to 6 puppies, purebred or mixed breed, with 3
instructors. Class will meet for 8 weeks from 6 - 6:45 PM.
. Fee is $100,
or $80 for a dog with proof of adoption from a rescue group or
humane society.

Build a strong foundation for your puppy through this AKC  program.
Get answers to all of the puppy raising questions that you have, teach
your puppy basic obedience (sit, down, come, leash walking,stay, drop
it) and have supervised socialization with the other puppies. In the
last class, your instructor will administer the
AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test
and upon passing, your puppy will receive a STAR Puppy medal.
This class will prepare your puppy for further training in our Level 1
class. See Option 2 below.


Beginner Obedience Training Classes - Level 1   
The Beginner Class (Level 1) is designed for dogs 3 months or older
and will be best for mature puppies or dogs over 1 year old or
experienced dog owners or puppies that have taken our STAR Puppy
class.   We have two classes, each with two instructors.  One class will
be for small puppies and small dogs. The other class will be for larger
dogs and puppies.  Each class is limited to 12 dogs.  Fee is $100, or
$80 for a dog with proof of adoption from a rescue group or humane
DOTC Brochure, describes classes and training method  (
pdf ).
Class will meet for 8 weeks from 7-8 PM.
To register for  Level I, print out the following forms and mail the
application with your fees (payable to
DOTC) and a copy of your dog's
shot records (DHPP + Rabies) to:
DOTC c/o Meg McMichael,  408 Otterview Rd, Forest, VA 24551-2906

We will notify you immediately if your dog has been accepted for the
class.  We will refund your fees or place you on a waiting list if the
class is full.   If you have any questions, email
Candy   or call Candy
434-525-1882 or Melanie 434-332-1260.

STAR Puppy Application Form    or   Level 1 Application Form     

Mail the application back with your fees and shot records.
Reminders and Directions to Training Building for Level 1.
The Winter & Spring Training sessions have been
We hope to resume classes in the
Dog Owners Training Club
of Lynchburg (VA)
DOTC Brochure
Directions to
Boonsboro Ruritan
for the Winter
 & Spring
Training Sessions